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tv   [untitled]    June 14, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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the board of supervisors that are now part of record and supervisor fefe on was structural and grandfathering and the like we need to do do the right thing. >> we've got an opportunity our challenge is there and san francisco didn't meet the champion we're missing a real opportunity wouldn't it be nice a year from now k pride month our businesses come in and enjoy cannabis thank you very much. >> mr. pierce son. >> supervisors and staff thank you very much for being at the forefront of the medical cannabis your patient rights regulars is developed appreciate i'm the founder of spark at hundred and 50 employees we work
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hard to give back in donations and providing careers we've been recognized by any state leaders as a model industry hosting tours for law enforcement and others understanding and enforcing cannabis we've got a culture vacation in the city with the sparks mission to provide save assess for those who needs a safe place in you'll likelihood voeshgz voters will pass that lets keep san francisco at the forefront and get ahead of the curb i urge the formation of the task force to regulate it around industry and the dispensaries effect neighborhoods by addressing we'll be ahead for legalization
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we have problems with dispensaries in neighborhoods without access there is a place for cannabis policy i encourage you to reach out to me if you have questions thank you for your attention i'm here auditor for questions. >> sir if you want to fill out a cardio see. >> sir. >> good afternoon, supervisors henry president of the san francisco council of merchants associations as supervisor wiener said this is the wild west out there when cannabis becomes legal i'm sure that will happen we have a task force set in place the task force is up to regulate our used
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who can uses it if you don't have that that will be totally insane that is the only way to go but this way and then to have all the people involved in that we'll be meeting with the chamber and sf travel to come up with ways to keep everybody happen there will be neighbors for that and against but what it comes to the outlets sow people are against it so this is going to be a great way to get out there once it comes both effective it is a stepping stone and at least for the task force will a great way to move on once it is legalized.
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>> if i could comment mr. allen referred to this is a hospitality industry even though there is a large representative those members are speaking on behalf of the community it is terrific it hear the council and chamber people are working together not a random person speaking only for themselves but for the community their rep. >> i want to comment supervisor wiener that is not just about small business they're not just a big corporations. >> there will be big corps. >> supervisor eric mar has tried to take over the industry (laughter). >> next speaker. >> and good afternoon. i'm obviously here in support of task force my concern is the issue of labor i'm a former
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attorney for local 2 i represented local 11 hundred i'm an attorney with the labor commission we represent low income people there will be a lot of jobs coming to san francisco whether cult vacation or sales but a labor intensive we'll see young people that never had jobs learner skills working within an employer and populations and coworkers really wonderful opportunity for them unless we're prepared in 2016, 2017 godzilla it coming to this city verythey have to make sure that labor is at table in unionization whether we're going into a peace agreement the city
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will be brought into that i feel every employee will be represented not everyone feels that there will be disputes we've dealt with dispensaries in humboldt we're going to have to deal with privacy because the control means keeping out federal interference and the social justice labor is part of the movement for legalization we want to see that continue and thank you, supervisors important being ahead of the curve thanks. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm sarah and i'm coming in support of task force i started out i've been in san francisco for almost 20 years
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and worked in nonprofit as the operations for attorneys civil rights in the san francisco bay area and earned network while i was working there i was diagnosed with stage iii collin cancer my first look at medical cannabis one of the things making me sick not having anything in our home and not feeling good having to go to a neighborhood not the one you want to face when our ill i ask for consideration of the task force as we down the road with adult use and medical cannabis that there be more opportunities for dispensaries that are good part of neighborhoods to be throughout the city we need this access after i was in recovery for cancer i started work as a
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patient consultant and now have the education department i head it i work with specifically with cancer patient but my colleagues are passion to learn more about cannabis and educate our patient with the power to make combrfrd decision education is an par part of this step when those people come with no access to cannabis with limited knowledge that at the dispensary level we're educating patient to make decisions and don't have a lot of mistakes where people were in colorado taking too much and getting ill that's along with further save assess in other parts of city so people don't
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have to travel when their ill i had to cover my face okay talk anyway that was a long hike to get over to the lower hate. >> thanks. >> next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors for taking the time to look at the task force i'm david i have family in humboldt for a hundred years and here in town have some restaurants and i've got entertainment venues all of which are greatly impacted by the 2016 that is imminent if it passes that looking looks like it will it is a far more
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complicated issue i think that this typically given the time and press cannabis is a pretty complicated plant and the genetics they're changing and evolving constantly should find attention should be helping to track those genetic changes i've actually started a business working on exactly that and you know, i think we also need to figure out if a restaurant is going to be allowed to prepare foods that recreational cannabis in them how is that described what kind of genetic tracking is necessary and you know there's even the off change people might want to
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use recreational cannabis at the concert we want the rules. >> thank you very much is there anyone whose name i called not spoken yet please come up if i've called our name - if you filed out a card please come up and everyone else can speak. >> good afternoon i'm glad we're my name is teresa i run the cannabis dispensary we've been in business since 03 and facility that permitted up we're doing the responsible thing because there's going to be a lot of stuff happening if 2016 we should establish our own
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trends rather than following denver and studying them federal and state this is a great idea we're here to lend our support anyway, we. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'm a patient advocate that provides an opportunity for low income patients to receive free cannabis i'm working with over hundred 50 patient with hiv and limited income including social security i want a task force in place to serve our patient and clear structure. so thank you very much for your time and have a good day >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors i'm david from an entrepreneur our start
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up graduated a few months and our startup built technology to for for the cannabis industry we anticipate problems and exposure a well thought-out approach and two create a framework that prioritize public safety and clients and education 3 understand where technology can help streamline thank you for hearing us. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi, i'm amy the found of neighborhood in embarcadero i entered into the medical cannabis in 2012 i ended up finding a job as a patient counselor and throughout the course of the job thousands of
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patient came in i was interested in the fact that i was able to start working there without an education whatsoever around the product and medical cannabis so as part of this task force i would to see the medical cannabis dispensary and other dispensaries are offering the educational component and now i work as a consulate in patient outreach focused how to heal and not getting high and few opportunity was sayin the social justice component and supporting the neighbors and pro workers types of jobs in order to support the needs of the senior care and elderly care and nursing homes and department of public health in san francisco how is that we can actually support the culture vacation and
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support jobs and have the types of testing we need in san francisco to get a quality based on product so support the task force around the democracy element so people throughout the community have an opportunity to come together with input into this topic thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon commissioner tang and supervisor wiener as and said a worldly preaching solution can go beyond natural management social management or supply management go marijuana material smoking you doesn't see smoking good stuff and prostitution not prostitution but pornography material and
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medication all good stuff but management of nation and social area we covered that the worldly preaching solution we want the bite nature of brilliance to turn our people that - humanity expression to your people two things please believe me the human body of the hoe i didn't all matters even fellow matters in san francisco it matters humanity expressed themselves to the people to have good quality people see for me i see everyday a pathway of san francisco see humboldt i
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meet tons of people everyday i talk to them a meaningful contracting contact see from that i can vision lists any worldly preaching solution beyond management thank you. >> thank you very much is is there any additional public comment on item 4 seeing none mr. chairman may we close public comment. >> first of all thank you to everyone that came out particular terrance allen and others important issues and helping to move the log forward so colleagues, i think we've heard we're going to be able to put together a difference for the task force strong support from our city departments and the school district and the board of equalization to make
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solid recommendations to the board of supervisors and so i would first like to move that we adapt the minor amendment i've distributed to you that's my motion. >> engine. >> a seconded by supervisor tang and accept the amendments thank you thank you then i move we forward item 4 i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation and sorry one question i've seen a letter from the small business commission they've h asked about a potentially including a medical person on the task force i just want to address their recommendations supervisor wiener >> yeah. so we definitely you know tried to balance the needs we wanted to have a board cross section of the community and have a task force that was going
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to be ableable and initially the departments voted the task force we move them to an advisory role too many voting members so i don't have a problem with a medical representative being involved we have a public health seat so but we put out an advisory member from the health field would be an issue i'm hesitant to start expanding the voting partnership i think that is 15 if i'm not mistaken but it depends upon what you all want to do. >> i mean it is your call i want to raise what the small business commission suggested in their recommendations. >> i'm satisfied with the medical person. >> this is an open process so
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if any health care groups want to be involved interests an opportunity so. >> okay. so we have a motion. >> as amended and seconded by supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. >> and that's our last item. >> no more items. >> before we adjourn i want to thank herb and jim smith of sfgovtv for broadcasting today's meeting and our clerk thank you we're adjourned thank
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(clapping.) the airport it where i know to mind visions of traffic romance and excitement and gourmet can you limousine we're at san francisco inspirational airport to discover the award-winning concession that conspiracies us around the world. sfo serves are more 40 million travelers a year and a lot of the them are hungry there's many restaurant and nearly all are restaurant and cafe that's right even the airport is a diane designation. so tell me a little bit the food program at sfo and what makes this so special >> well, we have a we have food and beverage program at sfo we
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trivia important the sustainable organic produce and our objective to be a nonterminal and bring in the best food of san francisco for our passengers. >> i like this it's is (inaudible) i thank my parents for bringing me here. >> this the definitely better than the la airport one thousand times better than. >> i have a double knees burger with bacon. >> i realize i'm on a diet but i'm hoping this will be good. >> it total is san francisco experience because there's so many people and nationalities in this town to come to the airport especially everyone what have
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what they wanted. >> are repioneering or is this a model. >> we're definitely pioneers and in airport commemoration at least nationally if not intvrl we have many folks asking our our process and how we select our great operators. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the food option in san francisco airport are phenomenal that's if it a lot of the airports >> yeah. >> you don't have the choice. >> some airports are all about food this is not many and this
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particular airport are amazing especially at the tirnl indicating and corey is my favorite i come one or two hours before my flight this is the life. >> we definitely try to use as many local grirnts as we can we use the goat cheese and we also use local vendors we use greenly produce they summarize the local soured products and the last one had 97 percent open that. >> wow. >> have you taken up anything unique or odd here. >> i've picked up a few things in napa valley i love checking
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chocolates there's a lot of types of chocolate and caramel corn. >> now this is a given right there. >> i'm curious about the customer externals and how people are richmond to this collection of cities you've put together not only of san francisco food in san francisco but food across the bay area. >> this type of market with the local savors the high-end products is great. >> i know people can't believe they're in an airport i really joy people picking up things for their friends and family and wait i don't have to be shopping now we want people take the opportunity at our location.
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>> how long has this been operating in san francisco and the late 18 hours it is one of the best places to get it coffee. >> we have intrrnl consumers that know of this original outlet here and come here for the coffee. >> so let's talk sandwiches. >> uh-huh. >> can you tell me how you came about naming our sandwiches from the katrero hills or 27 years i thought okay neighborhood and how do you keep it fresh you can answer that mia anyway you want.
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>> our broadened is we're going not irving preserves or packaged goods we take the time to incubate our jogger art if scratch people appreciate our work here. >> so you feel like out of captured the airport atmosphere. >> this is its own the city the airline crews and the bag handlers and the frequent travels travelers and we've established relationships it feels good. >> when i get lunch or come to eat the food i feel like i'm not city. i was kind of under the assumption you want to be done
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with our gifts you are down one time not true >> we have a lot of regulars we didn't think we'd find that here at the airport. >> people come in at least one a week for that the food and service and the atmosphere. >> the food is great in san francisco it's a coffee and i took an e calorie home every couple of weeks. >> i'm impressed i might come here on my own without a trip, you know we have kids we could get a babysitter and have diner at the airport. >> this is a little bit of things for everybody there's plenty of restaurant to grab something and go otherwise in you want to sit you can enjoy
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the experience of local food. >> tell me about the future food. >> we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what our passengers want. >> i look forward to see what your cooking up (laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today we've shown you the only restaurant in san francisco from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at
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tumbler >> good afternoon i'd like to call the order of general meeting of the united states constitution today is tuesday, june 9, 2015, roll call. >> commissioner president caen commissioner vietor